Servicing your boiler can be easily ignored, but regular checks and maintenance of your boiler can have benefits. This article will explore our main reasons to make sure your boiler is serviced every year.

Great things about an annual boiler service
Protect Those You Care About
A faulty boiler can be hugely dangerous. An gross annual boiler service can help guard against fires, explosions, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is deadly gas that can kill quickly and unexpectedly. In addition for an total annual boiler service, fitted an audible carbon monoxide alarm can help protect those you value from carbon monoxide poisoning.

LESSEN YOUR Energy Bills
An gross annual boiler service can help ensure your boiler is operating as effectively as possible, and assist in preventing heating gasoline wastage. Not only will this spend less on your time charges but it’ll also lessen your carbon footprint as well as your impact on the surroundings.

CUT COSTS On Boiler Repairs
By servicing your boiler yearly you can enhance the trustworthiness of your heating system, minimise future boiler auto repairs and extend your boiler’s life-span. Regular checks and maintenance could discover slight issues that, kept unresolved, might lead to more significant issues, increase future repair costs, or delay a potential, and expensive, need to replace your old boiler.

MAKE SURE YOUR Boiler Promise Is Valid
Devoid of an total annual boiler service on a newly-installed boiler could invalidate your warrant. Many company guarantees require your brand-new boiler to be serviced by a Gas Safe authorized engineer every a year. For example, the perfect Guarantee for its Logic and Logic+ boiler range state governments, “by the end of each 12 month period, the boiler must be serviced with a Gas Safe recorded engineer. Should this condition not be met, the boiler guarantee will lapse.”

Save Your Shivers!
An gross annual boiler service is best conducted before the colder months. There is nothing worse than wanting to start the heating in the fall months and sensing a fault. Servicing your boiler before the frigid snap can help get spread around the price as you will not be spending money on increased fuel use whilst the heating isn’t on.

Stay Legal (Businesses & Landlords Only)
Both commercial premises and rented accommodation legally require gas safety certificates to be issued every twelve months. For legal reasons, boilers, pipework, flues and other gas appliances must be fixed and preserved in a safe condition, with Gas Safety Details easily available and continued record for two years. It is strongly recommended that an twelve-monthly boiler service is conducted all together to ensure gas gadgets are operating easily and efficiently.