A technology that originated for use in space may at this time help zap dirt and grime and grime and allergens in your own home.

It’s another case where “rocket technology” offers make contact with improve existence on earth. The technology, an X-ray analyzer “tool” put on Space Shuttle Obtaining, is still altered to measure just how much soil cleaning products remove from carpeting.

That’s good news for property owners because this technology continues to be utilized to keep today’s durable stain-resistant carpets answer and help them last even a lot longer.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Vacuums and wet-cleaning items that you will get or lease might remove loose places, ground and spills. But despite having this type of regular washing, earth accumulates.

Correct carpeting care requires regular deep cleaning, preferably each and every to months, to get rid of trapped soil and residues, say experts. Professionals using portable extractors and items mounted working vans do this type of cleaning. Your carpet warranty may necessitate such regular washing.

Not all cleaning items and solutions clean likewise well. Independent lab tests implies that different cleaning detergents and place removers clean no superior to water.

These cleaning products will keep a sticky residue that attracts soil back to the carpet, degrading carpet appearance. There is also huge variations within the dirt removal convenience of carpet cleaning items, especially extractors.


Fortunately, the X-ray fluorescence technology enhanced by just NASA offers allowed the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) to develop a fresh Press tests and certification program for rug cleaning products.

Simply those products get together powerful standards possess the bronze-, sterling silver- or gold-level Press. This not only helps clients understand quality items, but it also highlights the most effective options for conserving living and beauty of carpeting.