With regards to precision cutting, tradies count on Diamond Blades because of their increased efficiency and a perfect finish. An excellent Diamonds Blade, if used effectively will perform well consistently, helping you to get a good return for your investment. Consequently, a poor quality blade may finish up costing you dearly on the long term.

OX has been innovating gemstone tools for over 23 years and is currently clearly named one of the leading brands of choice across Australia. With OX Tools’ product and market innovation, it gives ingenious design answers to meet up with the ever-evolving customer requirements. The award being successful Diamonds Blades from OX Tools are stated in a few of the world’s most officially advanced laboratories and factories, guaranteeing the best manufacturing quality.
Trade Series

The OX Trade Series Angle Grinders and Demolition Diamonds Blade is a fast cutting universal blade with a 10mm segment height. It includes a super-fast turbo portion and cooling openings. Applications include Concrete Products, Clay Products, Granite, Anatomist Bricks and Building Products

OX Expert Series Perspective Grinder – LCO OX Expert Series Angle Grinder OX Expert Series Perspective Grinder – PB10 OX Expert Series Position Grinder – PA10
Pro Series

The Expert Series Angle Grinders and Demolition Blade is guaranteed to cut all masonry construction products. It really is an excellent fast cutting Diamond Blade which is universal and may easily trim through hard materials. The Expert Series Blade includes a strengthened flange and cooling holes. Applications include Granite, Natural Stone, Clay Products, Anatomist Bricks, Concrete Products as well as all Building Materials. Wear will increase on abrasive materials

OX Tools Ultimate Series Viewpoint Grinder – UAF OX Ultimate Series Viewpoint Grinder – UB10 OX Ultimate Series Position Grinder – UC10
Ultimate Series

Blade with 10mm section height. Having tear drop gullet design, cooling slots, strengthened centre flange. Applications include: in-situ concrete (including reinforced), concrete products, natural rock, building materials. Ideal ‘civils’ blade. Dual goal blade with 10mm section height. Featuring ‘wedge portion’ undercut coverage, narrow gullet. Applications include: dual purpose concrete & asphalt, sandstone, abrasive materials and abrasive concrete products (e.g. roof tiles, blocks).