A sewage backup in Toronto takes place when excessive water destroys homes by entering the drain pipes. These pipes create numerous problems for a house owner since it is causes inconvenience and is costly to fix. Moreover, sewage backups can be dangerous since they have health hazards.

Most homeowners do not understand that repairing or fixing the damage caused by a sewage back up is their responsibility. But sewage backups need to be dealt with on your own! An ideal strategy to prevent your sewage backups is through implementing a backwater valve.

How sewage backups occur

Sewage backups take place in many ways. Firstly, they emerge due to tree roots. Tree roots surrounding the building can result in blocking drain pipes and, as a result, a sewage backup takes place. Moreover, sewage backups can occur if excessive rainfall takes place and clogs the drain pipe. Lastly, sewage backups are more frequent amongst those households who do not dispose of their waste off properly.

What is a backwater valve?

A backwater valve is also known as a sewage backup valve. You can install this medium in your sewer line. Its primary purpose is to ensure that water flows in only one direction. Therefore, a backwater valve ensures that water flows away from the house and prevents a sewage backup to take place. So no matter how much it rains, water will not flow into your house and cause issues for you! The backwater valve will make sure for you.

Numerous municipalities say that it is mandatory to install a backwater valve while some others encourage its usage. Installing them isn’t a hassle either. You can easily install them while constructing a new home or even your existing home. Installing them while constructing your new homes, however, can be cheaper for you. It is cheaper at first because if you want to install one to your existing homes, they would first remove some concrete to reach the main sewer line. This would, without a doubt, cost more for you. Most municipalities that encourage backwater valves also provide homeowners with subsidies to help them install this medium.

The chances of having a sewage backup are at its highest when you have a basement in your homes or if you have a ground floor that is low in placement. Those houses are recommended to install backwater valves more.

How backwater valves function

The sewage system your home has allowed water to flow into the house. But that is extremely dangerous for your household. That’s why a backwater valve is essential because it helps to keep the water away from your house. The inside of the valve has a small flap that is usually open and helps water to flow away from your home. Each side of the flap consists of a small floatation as well. If by any chance, water still flows towards the house, these floaters become active and help the flap to lift up and shut down.